Our Leadership Structure is as follows

  • Lead Pastor (Direction) - Board (Accountability)
    • Ministry Department Directors
      • Volunteer Team Leaders
        • Volunteers

Growth and Integrity

At New Journey Community Church, we believe that all people, no matter where their starting point is, have the right to grow. A large part of growth as a Christian is serving. Therefore, we have sought to make several serving opportunities available which cover a wide span of a person's commitment level and place in life. 

We have three levels of serving

  • Level 1: Background Check (does NOT disqualify you from serving! Required for all positions.)
    • Examples: Hospitality Team, Greeting Team, Tech Team, Mowing Team
  • Level 2: Background Check, submission to our Articles of Religion
    • Examples: Small Groups Team, Worship Team, Kids Alley Team, Elevate Student Ministries Team
  • Level 3: Background Check, submission to our Articles of Religion and Leadership Commitments
    • Examples: Board Member, Teaching Team, Department Director