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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Weekly Connect

I wanted to share a little bit about where we are at in our church organizational process.

I was emailing someone in our church today about some of the issues we have faced in the past as it relates to communication, volunteering, outreach, and care for one another. A big statement I made several months ago is important to remember

Don't mistake patience for inactivity

There is a big difference between patience and inactivity. On the back end, we have been working hard creating a scalable, sustainable ministry model that will allow the Holy Spirit to move organically in and through us, much as it is with a Trellis and a Vine (the trellis is our local church as an organization, the Vine is the Holy Spirit).

So, I thought I would update you on what the gameplan is from a birds-eye-view:

  1. Establish Mission, Focus, Values, and Goals
  2. Establish one Strategy Team for each ministry area (Discipleship, Connections, Worship, Building, Youth, Children, Administration) to create and review strategies on how to accomplish the Goals set forth by the Vision Team. <<-- We are here. 
  3. Establish Ministry Teams for each ministry area (i.e. under worship would be tech team, worship team, and ushers)
  4. Establish Volunteer Schedules for each Ministry Team (this is the responsibility of the Ministry Team leader and there are basic conventions they must follow such as contact information, training/orientation, "on ramps" and "off ramps" etc
  5. Annually: Board meets to review Goals and progress
  6. Annually: Strategy Teams meet to review strategy and effectiveness, as well as to appoint Volunteer Team leaders

It took us a full year to establish our mission, focus, values, and goals and now we are ready to create the various strategy teams, which will allow us to create the necessary volunteer teams.

It will take us another few months to create our strategy teams and come up with specific plans of action allowing us to create the ministry teams late this year, or sometime next year.

If you would, pray for myself (Pastor Brian) and the Board and other volunteers to continue relying on Him and hearing His voice. Nothing is more important than our leadership staying connected to the Vine (John 15)