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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weekly Connect

Pastor Brian shares about the Fall Series: The Circle Maker

Hey Everyone!

If you missed Sunday's message, make sure you check it out here:

We just kicked off a new series called The Circle Maker which challenges us with the concept that God honors bold prayers, because bold prayers honor God. I highly encourage you to watch, or maybe even re-watch Sundays message as I communicate my heart for prayer, why I think we don't pray, and the call for us all to become circle makers by Pastor Mark Batterson. 

Most Importantly--This Thursday is our first prayer walk! Meet at the public parking lot by Family Video downtown!

I also encourage you to join the 21-Day Prayer Challenge. I will have more cards available on Sunday for those who were gone over Labor Day. We are taking 21-Days, having picked a PLACE TO PRAY, a TIME TO PRAY, and a SUBJECT TO PRAY FOR. I couldn't be more excited, nor do I believe there is anything more important we could be doing together as a church family.

Also, SERMON DISCUSSION GROUPS have kicked off. Just grab a copy of the discussion questions, invite some friends over and LET GOD DO THE REST! Or discuss with your spouse, or even use for your own personal study. You can get a copy below. Blessings, and have a great week!