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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weekly Connect

Pastor Brian recaps the Summer and looks forward to what's coming in the Fall.

Summer is Over

Well, it's still hot. But, for you schoolgoers and school teachers, Summer is over. But, rest assured, A LOT went down this May-August. 

  • May: Several people baptized for the first time!
  • May: Received a new pastor
  • June: Started Get Soul Fit series
  • June: Pastor Matt Cox officially Executive Pastor at New Journey
  • July: Had Heating and Air Conditioning specialists come up with strategies for our building
  • July: Board approval for a New Journey Church App, which will make it even easier to stay up-to-date on what we are doing as a church, as well as simplifiy giving. More to come on this!
  • August: Began talks with community organizations such as the Bowen Center, two homeschool cohorts, and Vernon Manner about partnerships with New Journey
  • August: HUGE work day at the W.C. Mills property!
  • August: Went LIVE online for the first time
  • August: This Sunday we celebrate and promote Kids Alley with the Kids Alley Takeover!

And none of this covers the new attendees, the way we have reordered the worship service to flow even better, the way our songs integrate with the messages, the behind the scenes planning, the visits, one-on-one ministry, prayers, and meals going on. The Holy Spirit is active at New Journey Community Church! 

What I am Looking Forward To

This Sunday I am PUMPED about celebrating and promoting Kids Alley--our children's ministry wing of New Journey. 

The week after that (September 4) I couldn't be more humbled and excited to begin a new four-week series that will dramatically change our church--AND POSSIBLY ALL OF WABASH COUNTY. You may think that is a bold statement, and you would be right. We are beginning The Circle Maker, which will help New Journey focus on the next phase of its mission, which I believe is the call to BOLD, AUDACIOUS, PRAYER AND FASTING. That has got to be an absolutely unpopular thing to say. But, I can't shake it. I have been here only a few months and I have had more conversations about:

  • Abuse
  • Child Molestation
  • Meth Addiction
  • Crack Using
  • Pot Smoking
  • The List Goes On...

than anywhere I have ever lived. And I don't think it is because "Wabash is a bad place" ... instead I see it in an entirely different way. I think brokenness is all over the world, but BECAUSE NEW JOURNEY IS A SAFE PLACE FOR ALL PEOPLE, WE ARE HEARING THE STORIES. That's what I think is going on.

We are a church of (and for) the hopeless, the helpless, the addict, the recovered, the recovering, the abused, the neglected, the adopted, the foster-child, the foster-parent, the special needs, the old, the young, the middle-aged, those with money, those with no money, those with jobs, those without jobs, democrats, republicans, farmers, financial planners, former pastors, ex-felons, police officers, therapists, child protection specialists, irreligious people, and born-and-raised Wesleyans and Baptists. That's just off the top of my head.

I share all of this because I believe God has brought us all together to be a church that puts FIRST THINGS FIRST. We allow everyone in our doors--and not just our church doors, but the doors of our homes. But we also need to have our hearts broken and cry out for God to SAVE THE LOST from their sin, from their addictions, and from their past. I BELIEVE THERE IS A FUTURE FOR ALL PEOPLE IN WABASH. BUT WE NEED THE POWER OF GOD! HE GAVE US THE GIFT OF PRAYER SO WE CAN JOIN HIM IN WORK WE CANNOT DO WITH OUR HANDS ALONE.

So GET READY for our upcoming series, The Circle Maker and GET READY for some uncomfortable, meaningful, life-altering, history-making PRAYER!

Vision and Groups

Lastly, I want you to be aware of two things:

1. We have formed a Vision Team to work through our Mission, Vision, and Value which will inform how we go about organizing and implementing EVERY MINISTRY IN THE CHURCH. This process cannot be rushed and is of utmost importance. That said, some things like PAINT, SMALL GROUPS, ETC are in WAITING for this back-room work to be done.

But remember, there is a difference between INACTIVITY and PATIENCE! We are being PATIENT!

2. We do believe we need SOME LEVEL of community groups going on. So, starting September 4th, we will be offering some non-sign-up sermon discussion groups Sunday Mornings at 9:00am and Sunday evenings at 6:00pm. There is no child care at this time, and the groups will allow us to break down The Circle Maker material and flesh out how we practice it.

3. In light of The Circle Maker, we will also be considering a prayer walk ministry. Stay tuned for more!!!