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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Weekly Connect

In this Weekly Connect, Pastor Brian shares about the air conditioning for the auditorium, the work day, Kids Alley Takeover, and more.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


New House

First off, Jess and I closed on our house!!! We now own a home on Shady Lane Drive behind the church property. There is a path between Shady Lane and New Journey, so it is perfect! I have been busy renovating the house since everything was signed over with many friends from NJCC. Especially, thank you to all the guys who helped lift an 18' beam into the attic! 

Air Conditioning

In other news, I will be announcing on Sunday that we will not be installing air conditioning in the auditorium until next year. I know this comes as a huge frustration to many, but let me explain. We went to work on the air conditioning issue as if we were the school system looking at installing a unit. This led us to a commercial-grade company who works on schools and other large structures both old and new. The CEO happens to be a strong Christian, which was also a great plus as he really has our best interests in mind. We spent close to five hours all over our property--the basement, the ceilings, looking at roof supports, climbing the antenna to get to the highest levels of the roof--to get the entire picture of our heating and cooling needs. What we found is that we will need a 20-ton unit to properly cool our auditorium. This unit will also include a gas furnace which will allow us to bypass the boiler, which is one of our future goals as the boiler is getting more and more difficult to maintain. The cost of this project is estimated at $35,000. That includes a crane setting it on the roof, all the ductwork, and everything else. Right now we have $13,000 available. This just simply means we need to continue to save toward this purchase. To have the difference in cash we would need to save about $2,400 a month until May 2017. But that isn't exactly how things work. We are able to earmark in our 2017 church budget, funds toward the project as well. Additionally, we may be able to do some fundraising and I am also looking into any community grants that may be available as we use New Journey for community partnerships. 

Work Day

Be sure to make it out to the work day Saturday 8a-2p. Bring clothes to paint in, rakes, and gloves. Oh, also any cordless hedge trimmers, machetes, or other vegetation cutting thingies.

Kids Alley Takeover

Sunday, August 28 the children are taking over!!! Ahhhh!!! Actually it's going to be awesome because we are going to be throwing some pies, bumping beach balls in worship, and having a picnic afterward (snowcones included!). Be sure to plan on bringing a picnic side and staying for lunch August 28!!! And if you have any neighbors or friends with kids--THIS IS THE SUNDAY FOR THEM!

One Extra Thing

Something I am toying with is putting together some testimony videos... Do you or someone you know have a story of how God changed your life, especially if He used New Journey? We want to share God's transforming power with the world and your story can help. Mark Batterson says testimonies are a way of "lending our faith to others" and that sharing our stories is like keeping the blood flowing in our church body--without it, parts become numb and die. 

Email me directly at or always feel free to call or text me at 269.317.1160.