Ways to Serve

We are always looking for ways to do more things, with more people! 

Here are some ideas on how you can get involved:

  • Cleaning Team: We don't have any paid custodians, we do everything ourselves! Being a former school building, we need a lot of help keeping our building appealing to newcomers.
  • The Well: Do you like to serve coffee with a smile? We need you! Each Sunday we provide a warm, welcoming refreshment center called The Well and would love for you to be part of it.
  • Greeter: Everyone is created in the image of God, but most people walk around feeling worthless. As a greeter, you can help display God's truth and love with a firm handshake and servant attitude. Whether you're outgoing or shy, as long as you can smile, we'l love to have you greet!
  • Kids Alley: Statistics show that the older a person gets, the harder it is for them to turn from their old ways and put faith in Jesus Christ. That's why Kids Alley is so important, we are seeing eternities changed, and raising up the generation that will change our nation and world! Be a part of the frontlines!
  • Elevate Youth: Do you have a heart for mentoring or having fun with large crowds? We need all types of people to join in serving the youth of Wabash County. We believe that young adults are just as vital to the work of God as adults, but they need someone to believe in them! Could it be you?

Email office@newjourneycommunity.com with the subject "Serve" and let us know what area you are interested in receiving more information about.