At Kid's Alley we have dedicated leaders with a passion for teaching children about God's love in ways that connect and make sense to them. Each week kids discover God through family involved worship, fun games, entertaining stories, and creative crafts. Lessons are presented through engaging videos from the Orange Curriculum, First Look and 252 Basics.

Kids Alley Environments

Ignite: 6 weeks to 23 months

Our Ignite class is set up for parents to bring their infants to during the main worship service.  This class is available during the 1st service for infants and toddlers and for 2nd service for kids 6weeks-23months.  We provide a safe, nurturing environment where kids can be cared and loved for allowing parents to be able to fully engage in our worship service.   This class also provides a Nursing Mothers area that is available at any time during our worship service.

Fuel: 2 year olds

Geared: 3-PreK

Our Fuel and Geared classes are our toddler classes and are designed to begin engaging kids in a classroom setting while learning the basics of our Christian faith.  We at New Journey don’t just want to teach your kids lessons, we want them to grasp it.  Therefore, since toddlers learn through repetition we show the same video for an entire month but integrate a new themed craft each week. This allows toddlers to begin to remember and understand what they are learning while tapping into their creativity with diverse application.  Lessons are shown through video using The Orange Curriculum, First Look.  Each series teaches a concept (such as: God made everything), which will be taught to the kids throughout a 4-5 month period and each month will have a theme that goes with that concept (such as: God created water). After each video lesson kids interact with themed crafts and then are given a snack before allowing them to have playtime until parents arrive.  

Rev: K-2nd grade

Accelerate: 3rd-5th grade

We at New Journey value family and desire to see them grow together in Christ as each family member experiences God on their own level.  Kids in our Rev and Accelerate classes can experience worship together with their families in our main worship service and then are released during our 5 Minute Break to attend their Kids Alley classes. Once kids are in their class they begin their lesson that is video structured through Orange Curriculum, 252 Basics.

Each month is a series that teaches a virtue (such as: Gratitude) and each week teaches a different lesson on the virtue, which will have a scripture passage tied to it. 252 Basics explores a wide range of Bible stories and applies them to everyday life through the virtues presented each month. After the video lesson kids engage in themed crafts and games that even further allow them to connect the story to life situations.  

Once a month we have our Kardia Service where kids interact during the entire main worship service. This allows kids to experience the main service with their families as well as to enable them to begin serving in various venues of ministry to help smooth the transition between children and youth ministry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Kids Be Safe?

We recognize that your kids are precious to you and we have taken every measure to ensure their safety. Each Kid's Alley leader and volunteer have a cleared background check on file with New Journey, and have gone through our volunteer training. Upon arriving each parent will check-in their kids at our check-in station. We have a check-in team that helps families sign in as they come to worship at New Journey. Our greeters point new families in the right direction so that they know where to check in and our check-in team walks them through the process and makes sure they know where their classroom is. 

Personalized labels are printed off for children and parents for each Sunday service after check-in is complete. If your child does not go directly to their classroom upon entering our worship experience their label will be located in their classroom so that when you arrive they will be given to you and your child. Since both kids and parents receive a label parents will need to bring their label back when kids are picked up. 

Each child receives a printed label with a unique code that changes every week. Both the child’s and parent’s code will be the same so that when you come to pick up your kids the teachers can match up the codes and be sure they are releasing kids to their parents. This creates a layer of safety for your child, which is why it is important to keep your label throughout service.

It is our policy that only parents are allowed to check their kids in and out on classrooms. Siblings, other friends and family will not be permitted pick up your kids. In addition, we ask that you wait at the entrance of the classroom when checking kids in and out to reduce the traffic within the classroom. We seek to simplify the pick up process for our teachers so that they can be aware of when each kid is being returned to parents and that they are not leaving the classroom without supervision.

What If There Is An Issue With My Child?

When you check your child in for the first time you are prompted to give us a cell phone number.  This is important in case your child has an urgent need while attending Kid's Alley as we try to reach you through the phone number you listed with us. If we you do not have a cell phone to reach you then their assigned code appears on the projector screen in our worship service to notify you to check on your child.  If you child has an allergy or a special need, please be sure to let our check-in team know so that they can display it on their check-in label and make the teachers aware.  All of our Kid's Alley volunteers have had basic special needs training.

What If I Have More Questions?

For questions and additional information, please contact our Children's Director, Jessica Scramlin.